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About Steven R. Davis

Steven had a catering business in Southern California since 1976. This location was great for a creative cook or chef as there are many different cultures that make the southland their home.

Being a chef owner of a catering company in a multi cultural city allowed Steven to become well versed in many ethnic and cross fusion cuisine events. Different chefs and staff members would help lead to some of the best recipes and methods of preparation. Being near such ethnic markets allowed a great advantage when keeping competitive for wrap parties, movie premieres, location shoots, weddings, and corporate events. During some of the busiest years he also managed a cafeteria and a riding academy restaurant and ran a lunch delivery service with multiple routes. If Steven ever needed to know a particular food, he would find someone who did it the best and would learn from them, whenever possible. Steven also attended as many seminars as possible to advance his career.

In 1998, after working in the industry for many years and helping the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Culinary Federation with many of their events, he was offered a job working as a Food Service Equipment Specialist. The facility was a test kitchen containing different manufactures' latest top of the line gas fired equipment. Different chefs, owners and executives could test unbiased by sales people. Some of the chefs that came were representing: Disneyland, Denny's, Pizza Hut, Universal Studios, Tony Roma's, Rainforest Café, and many more popular names. Because Steve was not threatening their businesses, these people would share many of their secrets of success. This job also allowed for great experience in hosting seminars, which is where Dr. Eloise Cantrell, the Dean of Academic Affairs, L.A. Mission College, recruited Steve to become a food safety trainer trainer and host two seminars for the college.

In 1999 Dean Cantrell needed teachers for the new ABC rating system she was creating in tandem with the health department for the LA County restaurants. As the training was in process, Dean Cantrell was endowed with a HACCP grant. The food safety team she had was now going to become a HACCP train the trainer team. During the training there was no question that Dr. Peter Snyder was the most knowledgeable of the teachers who were hired to teach on the subject. He clearly explained science, the law and compliance. The law is not based on science. ALL of the other programs and teachers we had assumed and almost exalted the law as if it is the final word on food safety procedures and protocols. What happens if you know you can make a safe product that does not meet these somewhat unreasonable criteria? Actually, you can go outside of the law in certain circumstances by proving sound science and a safe product behind your procedures. Dr. Snyder loves these challenges and has years of science and documentation to help operators meet unreasonable challenges that may be driven by local, state, USDA or FDA inspectors. One of the best ways to integrate these procedures is to incorporate them directly into your HACCP plan.

As well as teaching classes for food safety certification, HACCP certification, and train the trainer programs, Chef Steve is a private chef for at least two days a week to keep his skills sharp. Even though food safety training, products and services are his focus, he still consults for new and existing food production facilities, coffee huts, and restaurants. Steven is also a network administrator for a company that hosts 13 registers.

email box graphicFor further information, you may email, call 1-541-997-7737, or write to Chef Steven Davis, P.O. Box 1441, Florence, OR 97439. Fax: upon request.

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